Press Release: SecuredTouch Partners with Advantage FSE to Provide Seamless Continuous Authentication and Fraud Detection to Digital Banking Customers

June 4, 2019

Amsterdam, June 4, 2019 - SecuredTouch, the global provider of Behavioral Biometrics based advanced fraud detection solutions, announced today it has partnered with Advantage FSE, provider of high-end solutions for the financial industry. Advantage FSE is a FISERV (NASDAQ: FISV) strategic partner and provides its Fiserv Digital Access platform.

SecuredTouch Behavioral Biometrics-based solution, which combines continuous authentication, advanced fraud detection and intelligence analytics, will complement the Advantage FSE solutions for digital banking and payment, to ensure detection of even the most sophisticated fraud attacks, while providing a hassle-free user experience.

Detecting fraud attempts is challenging, as in many cases they will appear to be coming from a legitimate account, using valid credentials or credit card information.

Advanced fraud methods are designed to digitally and automatically perform most tasks a human can, using a computer. Provided the tasks include specific, logical steps, fraudsters are able to carry out all kinds of hacking activities including data theft, brute force attacks, new account fraud and account takeover.

SecuredTouch identifies when a transaction is executed by an illegitimate user, or a bot, alerting in real-time, about a suspicious activity that indicates an account/session takeover.

“Integrating SecuredTouch into our solutions enables us to ensure our customers from the financial sector offer their users a more secure, as well as more friendly, digital banking experience.” Says Vangelis Ghiossis, CTO at Advantage FSE and adds: “SecuredTouch Behavioral Biometrics technology was designed to identify good users first, in order to ensure a seamless user experience and accurate detection of sophisticated fraud, this approach enables us to ensure our customers gain something that other financial institutions struggle with.”

SecuredTouch analyzes the physical interactions between a human and a device, the device attributes and the account activities, and creates a unique profile of the user and the device, against which future interactions are evaluated. Analyzed attributes include: typing patterns, mouse usage inspection, finger size and finger pressure, swipe speed, device movement, gesture boundaries and more.

“We are delighted to partner with Advantage FSE and to integrate our Behavioral Biometrics technology, into their leading solutions for the financial industry. AFSE customers are now able to benefit from the advantages of Behavioral Biometrics-based solutions, and offer their users a better users experience, without compromising on security”. says Yair Finzi, CEO, SecuredTouch.  

Financial institutions continuously try to find the right balance between security and user experience. With the integration of SecuredTouch, Advantage FSE customers get immediate value – making transactions more secure without having to add new authentication hoops for clients to jump through.

About SecuredTouch

SecuredTouch is the expert in Behavioral Biometrics for mobile transactions, delivering continuous authentication technologies to strengthen security and reduce fraud while improving customers digital experience.

SecuredTouch seamlessly collects and analyzes a dynamic set of over 100 different behavioral parameters like keyboard-typing, scroll-velocity, touch pressure and finger size to automatically create a unique user behavioral profile, continuously verifying the user.

Our mobile-optimized solutions require no enrollment, they are easy to implement, and provide real time alerts when suspicious activity is detected from login to logout.

Today, SecuredTouch award-winning solutions are used by clients around the world, including major financial institutions and e-commerce companies.

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About Advantage FSE

Since 2002, Advantage has successfully implemented projects in innovative & leading Financial Institutions in countries on all 5 Continents. This achievement has been possible due to the strategic partnership with FISERV, one of the ‘World's Most Admired Companies’, according to Fortune Magazine, and a global leader in financial services’ technology and services’ innovation. These include award-winning solutions for mobile and online banking, payments, risk management, data analytics and core account processing.

Since 2003, Advantage’s partnership with FISERV has managed to deliver multiple successful projects for Financial Institutions around the globe, in the area of core systems, digital banking and payments.

Advantage has offices in Athens & Thessaloniki, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

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