Must Read List: Top FinTech Influencers

June 1, 2017

The FinTech industry is highly dynamic with new disruptive trends and players popping up all the time. The role of traditional institutions is being challenged, with innovative FinTech enterprises aspiring to change the face of financing, banking, loans and payments. Where is FinTech heading and how will new developments in the field impact the finance and technology sectors?

In order to make a little bit of sense of what’s  happening in the industry, we’ve put together a list of leading FinTech movers and shakers who are worth following. The list is a must-read for those interested in developing competitive strategies in the banking insdustry: 


Jim Bruene

 Jim Bruene FinTech Influencers

Jim Breune is founder of Finovate Group & Online Banking Report, and a Principal at BankingUX Advisors. Bruene has been a consistent and leading voice in banking for more than two decades. As a strong advocate of digitized banking, he predicts: “Twenty years into the digital banking era, newcomers have captured less than 1% of the market. That is about to change.”


Stessa Cohen, Muck Rack

 Stessa Cohen FinTech Influencers

Stessa Cohen is a Research Director at Gartner, where she is part of the Banking Industry Service Global Research team. She is considered a leading expert in the areas of digital banking technologies and trends, mobile imaging for banks, mobile banking and more. Looking to the future, she notes: “Companies can build stronger relationships with their customers by using digital technology to provide services to help them better manage their finances.”

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James Faucette

James Faucette FinTech Influencer.jpg

As Executive Director of Morgan Stanley, James Faucette leads the company’s payments and US communication systems research efforts, and is known to be an early identifier of innovative investment and technology trends across multiple sectors. Don’t miss his talk at  Money20/20 October 22-25 in Las Vegas.


Chris Gledhill

Chris Gledhill FinTech Influencer

CEO and Co-Founder at challenger bank Secco, Chris Gledhill declares that he is intent on reinventing banking. He regularly ranks as the # 1 top global FinTech influencer. He is a renowned blogger, speaker and commentator about all FinTech related matters. Chris will be speaking at TechExpo Europe on June 1-2 in Berlin.


Tom Groenfeldt, Muck Rack, Forbes Blog

 Tom Groenfeldt FinTech Influencer

Tom Groenfeldt writes regularly for Forbes, American Banker and Banking Technology. Relating to the importance of cyber security, in his Forbes blog post, he quoted Rob Sloan, Head of Cyber Content and Data at Dow Jones Risk and Compliance: “All organizations have to deal with generic risk such as malware and understand their very complex networks. They face a growing threat from ransomware, where an attacker takes control of their network and demands a ransom payment, usually in a cyber currency, to allow the company back into its own systems.”

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Marleen Van Kammen 

 Marlenne Van Kammen FinTech Influencer

Marleen Van Kammen works for Visa as a VP leading strategic initiatives. She’s passionate about  mobile and digital payments and has served as a consultant to many of the world’s leading banks, payments networks, and mobile network operators.


Bradley Leimer

 Bradley Leimer FinTech Influencer

Bradley Leimer is a thought leader and practitioner in the digital banking space, and Head of Innovation/FinTech Strategy at Santander Bank U.S. He is considered a strong advocate for digital banking or “neobanking.” Underscoring his optimism regarding rebundling of the banks, he states: “In this era of the rise of ambient computing, it’s more important than ever for the ‘sleepy’ banking industry to embrace change and evolve financial services.”


Jim Marous

 Jim Marous FinTech Influencer

As co-publisher of The Financial Brand and the owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Reports, Jim Marous is a recognized authority on disruption in the financial services industry and consumer trends. In Fintech 2016 he was ranked # 5 among the top 100 influencers and brands. He will be speaking at the Financial Brand Forum on May 17-19 in Las Vegas.

He states in a recent article: “(A recent) EY survey found that beyond managing reputational risk, a top priority is enhancing cybersecurity, which includes the hiring of a new skilled workforce, new training and investment in new regtech solutions.”


Sam Maule

 Sam Maule FinTech Influencer

Sam Maule is a member of the FinTech Mafia and a Co-leader of Emerging Payments Practice for the consulting group, Carlisle & Gallagher. He has established himself as a leading keynote speaker, podcaster, and FinTech/digital evangelist. He has stated: “IoT literally opens up a multitude of devices to engage with consumers at a personalized level via biometrics to include facial recognition – selfies for example.”

Come hear him discuss future payment trends at the “Discover Pulse” conference in Houston, Texas on May 16, 11:00 a.m. or attend a live Fintech5 podcast with Sam serving as panel facilitator at Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen on June 28 at 3:00 p.m.


Scott Robinson

 Scott Robinson FinTech Influencer

As a firm believer in the disruption of classic banking and financing as we know it, Scott Robinson is the Founder & Director of Plug and Play FinTech, a startup accelerator program in partnership with Citi, Capital One, USAA, Intuit, JCB, Assurant and a number of other global corporations.  He has invested in a series of early stage startups, and is also founder of Plug and Play Bitcoin and co-organizer of the world's oldest Bitcoin.

Scott is scheduled to speak at  Money20/20 in October in Las Vegas.

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Chris Skinner, The Finanser blog

 Chris Skinner FinTech Influencer

As chair of the European Networking Forum, the Financial Services Club, Chris Skinner serves on the advisory board of many companies. Named one of the top five most influential people on BankInfoSecurity’s list of information security leaders, he addresses burning issues such as blockchain, the future of banking and payment security. If you attended last month's The Next Web” (TNW) conference in Amsterdam, we hope you caught his session.


Jennifer Tescher

 Jennifer Tescher FinTech Influencer

Ms. Teschler is President and CEO of The Center for Financial Services Innovation, as well as  a recipient of the Crain’s Chicago Business “40 Under 40” Award. She is considered a leading authority on consumer financial health and champions increased access to high-quality financial products and services for underserved consumers. She is scheduled to speak at CFSI Emerge scheduled for June 14-16 in Austin, Texas, and at Money20/20 on October 22 in Las Vegas.


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